New England Academy

College Prep

Grade 9

  • READ – READ – READ : Strengthen your vocabulary: look up words you don’t know
  • Continue to build strong academic and critical thinking skills in math & English by taking challenging courses.
  • Study hard and get excellent grades
  • Continue to do “Mad Minutes” in math
  • Upgrade your written essays/apply strategies suggested
  • by your teacher
  • Keep an academic portfolio and co-curricular record
  • Become involved in co-curricular activities
  • (sports teams, art, yearbook)
  • Volunteer and work : babysit, do yard work for neighbors, volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Look through college brochures to find colleges that may
  • be of interest to you
  • Go to and check out colleges, research Majors & career possibilities
  • Check out what high school courses colleges require.
  • Begin saving money for college
  • In the summer, take a college course or find a high school summer program at a college (Boston Univeristy Summer Term,
Brown University,
  • OR complete a leadership or community service program (NOLS,,,
  • Prepare for PSAT’s: