New England Academy



The New England Academy English Language Arts Curriculum is a dual program of writing and literary analysis. The writing component applies the “Write Traits” and “Write Source” Series to teach the elements and process of writing across the curriculum.

Students focus on using a process writing approach to compose open response and long compositions applying the six traits of effective writing: Idea Development, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. In addition students complete various forms of writing including research writing, creative writing and personal writing.  Students and teachers evaluate writing, based on rubrics, to identify areas of strength and need for improvement for each paper.  Upper level students use the text, Write for College, which applies the “Write Traits” to prepare students for the rigors of writing at the college level.

More information including the direct correlations to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Current Research can be found at The literary component at New England Academy combines high interest contemporary literature and classic literature. A variety of authors and genres give students a comprehensive experience with texts and high level literary analysis. Readings include selections from the McDougal Littell Language and Literature Series including American Literature, World Literature and British Literature; Focused Anthologies from Nextext featuring Mythology, American Literature, and World Literature and selected novels. English course options include Introduction to Literature, American Literature, World Literature, and British Literature.