Clinical Services


Students participate in a rich variety enrichment courses each day. Enrichment courses are developed and led by clinical staff, providing students with the opportunity to explore their interests, while developing competence in the areas of social, emotional, academic and independent living skills. Commonly offered enrichments include: Music, Coding, Art, Improvisational Theatre, Strategic Games, Wellness and Transition, Health, Yoga, Sports and Fitness, Media Analysis, Post Secondary Planning and Cognitive Strategies.

Sample Enrichment Descriptions:

Cognitive Strategies The overall goal of this class is to increase students’ independent learning skills. Students will learn strategies to support skills such as: organization, time management, self-monitoring, planning, study strategies, and problem solving. Students will gain an understanding of their own learning profile, set goals, and learn executive function strategies. Students will be given the opportunity within this class to practice these strategies and apply them to their current academic work

Cooking In this class, students work in small groups to prepare recipes. Students are encouraged to navigate the recipe as a group, to seek help as needed and to work cooperatively to make a finished product within a specified time frame. The last portion of class is reserved for sharing their creations with one another and as an opportunity for social conversation. In addition, students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones to try new foods!

Expressive Art for grades 10-12 This art class is designed to be a mix of structured art assignments and open studio for students in grades 10-12 (a separate section is offered for students in grades 7-9).  In the first half of the course, students will create art projects based on an assignment.  As the year progresses, students will have the opportunity to explore art materials on their own.

Improvisational Theatre- In class, students participate in a wide variety of silly, challenging, and entertaining improvisational theatre games which are designed to introduce actors to the basic skills needed for improvisation and collaboration on stage.   Each class period, students discuss different aspects of dramatic skills and how those skills can relate to, reflect upon, and assist us in social interactions.

 Mindfulness and Meditation This group learns and practices different relaxation techniques such meditation, guided imagery, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.  There will be opportunities for students to bring in their own strategies to share with the class, such as music they find calming or techniques they have learned previously.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) –  Designed for upper school students who are committed to focused planning and being active, this enrichment will provide a safe space for students to work collaboratively with one another to develop increased awareness, understanding, and advocacy skills as it relates to LGBTQIA+ issues.   Through weekly meetings, students will engage in discussions on a range of topics as well as plan for events to fundraise and bring awareness to LGBTQIA+ related issues.

Let’s Jam”“Let’s Jam” is a music enrichment offered to students grades 9-12 that have had experience playing an instrument or singing and are at an intermediate level or beyond.  This group will focus on playing music together and will involve both precomposed songs as well as improvisation in a variety of genres.  Students will be encouraged (but not required) to perform and/or record.

Coding & CommunicationThis enrichment is designed as an introduction to skills needed in various STEM fields. The class will include classes on the “soft skills” needed to succeed in tech industries including small talk, presentations, and job skills. We will look at case examples of people who have become leaders in tech and identify how to develop similar qualities. The class will then move onto hands-on skill building through Code Academy lessons. Students must be able to work well independently and be self-directed. If interested, please identify what coding language you would be interested in developing and your level of experience (novice, advanced beginner, experienced, expert). If you have experience, there is the hope that you would serve as a mentor to a less experienced student.

 Strength and Conditioning This enrichment is an opportunity for students to enhance their physical strength, stamina and overall fitness level through physical exercise. Students will be instructed in a variety of exercise techniques including weight lifting, cardio vascular exercise and stretching. The goal of this class is to give students an in-school work out as well as a routine that they can do at home or in the gym.

Competitive SportsCompetitive sports is designed for those who would like to step it up a notch athletically.  Sports are chosen based on student interest and may include flag football, basketball, ultimate Frisbee soccer, kickball, handball, etc.

Women’s Group This group will offer girls the opportunity to come together and discuss various topics in an open forum that is both safe and supportive. Together, with the support of group leaders, the members will establish a set of group “rules” that each member will abide by in the hopes of creating a comfortable place for girls to talk about the topics that matter to them.