Post-Secondary Preparation

Ready for Next Steps

At the heart of New England Academy’s mission is our desire to prepare students for college. Students and families receive support and assistance to complete every step of the college process from exploration to admission. Junior and Senior level students meet one-on-one with the Director of Guidance and participate in Post-Secondary Planning courses which enables them to explore their interest areas and future areas of study or employment. These sessions allow students to preview programs and colleges that may be a potential fit based on their academic strengths, areas of interest, school size preference, geographic location and their future field of study. NEA also hosts visits from program and college representatives, takes students on tours of colleges throughout the area, and provides workshops for seniors, preparing them for college life. College essays and applications are completed at school, alleviating much of the anxiety and stress that is often associated with this process.

New England Academy is pleased to have forged relationships with local colleges, allowing NEA high school seniors the opportunity to take a course for college credit. Students travel to campus and participate in classes, getting a true feel for the college experience.

“Taking a course at North Shore Community College gave me the chance to break out of the normal high school routine. Throughout the semester-long class, I picked up independent study habits, got to know an experienced professor, and gained insight into a subject I am really fascinated by.” — Annie, Class of 2019

New England Academy believes that every student deserves a future. Our mission is to provide a challenging, academic curriculum in a supportive environment where each student can develop his or her academic, social, and emotional skills in preparation for college and life. This is the foundation that sustains our students throughout the post-secondary process.

We believe that the post-secondary planning process must:

  • be driven by the student with the support and collaboration of NEA staff and parents
  • focus on the strengths and goals of each student
  • preserve each student’s sense of self worth
  • be performed with candor and encouragement
  • uphold a belief in each student’s possibilities and personal vision
  • We believe the success of the process is dependent upon:
  • adults listening and honoring the hopes and ideals of the student
  • the student respecting the wisdom of the adults
  • an environment free of stress
  • maintaining positive, honest, and trusting relationships

In the end, students will gain a strong sense of accomplishment. By actively engaging with trusting adults while experiencing a process based on self-reflection and objective research; every student will find joy in having made a decision about their own futures.

College Acceptance
Although students will ultimately choose the post-secondary path that is right for them, we strive to ensure that all of our students have the option to go to college.

Attached is a list of schools NEA graduates have been accepted to from 2008 to 2021: