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Student Life

ACADEMICS: The academic programs at NEA are designed to reflect our strength-based approach to instruction, where the needs of the whole child are addressed in the academic, social, and emotional realms. Through rigorous curriculum and high academic standards, our students are prepared to achieve their full academic potential.  Our students are enrolled in either college or honors level courses in core curriculum subject areas. Our 8:1 student/teacher ratio ensures that students receive small group and individualized instruction. Overall, the academic programs at NEA are designed to prepare students to excel in collegiate studies, and this is successfully reflected in our 100% college acceptance rate.

ENRICHMENTS: As part of the daily coursework at NEA, we offer students a wide variety of enrichments. Enrichments are offered on a semester basis, allowing students the opportunity to take a variety of courses to stretch their interests, provide new experiences or pursue a passion. Students are offered enrichments such as: art, drama, newspaper, photography, music, media analysis, health, fitness, and yearbook.

ARTS AND MUSIC: As part of the mission to engage the whole student, New England Academy’s arts program integrates a variety of artistic media into the school day, both as a therapeutic tool and as a means of normalizing self-expression. Our visual art and music curriculum is an opportunity to uniquely engage the students in areas of strength and interest not always visible in the classroom. The arts at NEA provide our students with an alternative form of social connection and a chance to share their accomplishments with their families and peers. In addition, the arts promote the development and strengthening of a spectrum of coping skills for when words fail to express the complexity of an experience.

ATHLETICS: The athletic program at New England Academy is built around teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun. The students have an opportunity to build their athletic skills through instructional practices and competitive games, while at the same time strengthening their character. The commitment that the players and coaches have to one another and the NEA community parallels the team-oriented philosophy of the school and is what Knights athletics is all about.