In the English classrooms of NEA, students study the English language and its literature to engage the imagination and gain exposure to a variety of voices and experiences. The primary focus of the study of English is the examination and appreciation of literature. The best literature—whether prose, poetry, or drama—offers a new perspective on the human condition, both in the US and around the world. It leads students to a fuller understanding of themselves and of those around them, as well as provides connections to larger cultural and historical contexts.

While much of the in-depth work in writing practice happens in the Writing classroom, this important work also occurs in conjunction with the study of literature. The English classroom provides a place for students to practice using their own voices, to express ideas, and to make observations. With these combined skills, students will discover that true literacy includes not only reading and writing, but speaking, listening, and study of the media. Classes The Language of Literature textbook series, as well as the individual novels and other works specific to the course. Students in grades 10-12 also follow the Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary program.