World Language

Within the World Language classroom, instruction focuses on exposing students to different cultures through language, cultural studies, and the arts. Students are encouraged to make connections between the study of a world language and other subject areas, as well as to their daily lives. In addition, the focus is on fostering a personal connection through language that enhances relevant current world events to enable gains in global perspective. The emphasis is on positive participation in the classroom regardless of a student’s level of proficiency.  Augmenting skills in all forms of communication (written, aural, oral, etc.) is at the core of our work in the world language classroom, with the goal of equipping students with increased lifelong communication skills. World Language learning supports students in achieving relevant and practical goals that will benefit them beyond the academic setting.



New England Academy World Language Classes

I feel so fortunate to have met all these people and had all these experiences. I am proud of my school. And I find myself wanting to scream it from the rooftops. I want people to know just how special this place is.

- Kelsey, student