Our Curriculum

In the classroom, students are exposed to a rigorous academic curriculum with a high level of teacher guidance and support.

The academic programs at NEA are designed to reflect our strength-based approach to instruction, where the needs of the whole child are addressed in the academic, social, and emotional realms.

Through rigorous curriculum and high academic standards, our students are prepared to achieve their full academic potential.

Our students are enrolled in either college or honors level courses in core curriculum subject areas. Our 8:1 student/teacher ratio ensures that students receive small group and individualized instruction. Overall, the academic programs at NEA are designed to prepare students to excel in collegiate studies, and this is successfully reflected in our 100% college acceptance rate.

In addition to our academic curriculum, students are also encouraged to participate in enrichments and extra-curricular activities such as studio art, music, performing arts and physical education.


NEA Curriculum Blockquote

Halfway through my sophomore year I signed up for an NEA Vocal Performance Group. I have always loved to sing, had never been able to ever perform. As a result of that leap of faith, something incredible happened. I was able to, quite literally, find my voice. Since then, I performed at Arts Night, at talent shows, and I even performed a Senior Solo in front of 250 audience members. – Eileen, Student