Social Studies

The courses offered in the discipline of Social Studies offer a way of preparing students for their roles as citizens of the United States and of the world. By guiding students to examine the essential questions of the human experience, the Social Studies Department aims to teach students to think critically about the world and its history, as well as to become informed decision-makers and involved citizens. Some of these central issues include understanding who we are, how we are similar to or different from others, how we came to be the way that we are, and how we rule ourselves. Through the study of history and government, students will be able to better comprehend the rights and responsibilities they possess and to consider how to ensure a better future. The Social Studies Department offers courses at a variety of levels that address these important and fascinating matters. High school students have the opportunity to participate in Model UN each year if they choose. 

New England Academy Social Studies Blockquote

Hope can be maintained through a continued vigilance toward the little victories. As long as we do not take our successes for granted and do not forget from whence we came (meaning the progress students have made and the growth we as individuals and as a school have experienced), then we will be rich with opportunities to retain hope.

- Joe Mageary