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Social Studies

The Social Studies Curriculum at New England Academy empowers students to learn about the past and see how history connects to today.

The World History Curriculum focuses on cultural studies, key concepts and themes that prepare our students to be global citizens.  The two year in-depth United States History Curriculum spans our country’s history from beginnings up through the 21st Century and includes geography, economics, citizenship and America’s history makers. This two year sequence prepares students for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Exam in United States History. Upper level students can take advantage of course offerings such as Economics, Government, The Challenge of Democracy, or Civics.

Students can access McDougal-Littell’s for resources, games, test review and internet activities.

More information about the Social Studies textbooks and the direct correlation to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and current research can be found at

New England Academy Social Studies Blockquote

Hope can be maintained through a continued vigilance toward the little victories. As long as we do not take our successes for granted and do not forget from whence we came (meaning the progress students have made and the growth we as individuals and as a school have experienced), then we will be rich with opportunities to retain hope.

- Joe Mageary, Dean of Clinical Services